Fernández Forestal Andaluza, S.L.

From 1965

Fernández Forestal Andaluza, S.L.

Natural firewood

Not all the firewood burn the same, issue the same heat and the same flames or form a lasting live coal.

"Wood", Natural Energy Resource

Each wood has its own properties. We can classify them in three groups: hard, semihard and soft, depending on the natural growth of every specie. Wood suffers a dry up process that lasts at least one year.


We have different kinds of firewood for your fireplace. You can choose between olive tree, holm oak or a mixed one. We have as well packing firewood or in bulk.

"Once you make your order, we transport and place it in your home".

Warehouse and door-to-door selling. We deliver to hotels, restaurants, petrol stations and individuals.

We must protect our forests

We must protect our forests

We deliver and work in all Andalucía

Fernández Forestal Andaluza, S.L.
Producto ecológico

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Fernández Forestal Andaluza, S.L.

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